Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Year!

Ok, I know it's not technically 2013 yet, but I'm going to kick-start this blog ahead of the curve! I got two wonderful books from Christmas this year:
The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt; Letters from 1920s farm wives and the 111 blocks they inspired by Laurie Aaron Hird
+Dave Franz's grandparents got me this wonderful book that I saw on a few blogs last year. I know I'm a little behind the times on this one, but I'm excited regardless. There are 111 sampler squares to do for this quilt. I figure if I do the squares in 10 months, that leaves 2 months for piecing, quilting, and binding. I'm planning on doing the queen sized layout, since we have a queen sized bed.
The idea is that I will post the 3 blocks I plan to do during the week on Monday, and then I'll post the completed blocks on Friday.
My sister +Chelsea Fisher also asked for this book for Christmas, and although Santa was slow getting to her this year, one way or another, she will get the book and she plans on participating in the 3 blocks per week, too. Feel free to join us! Every Wednesday I will post a Linky Party for you to share your blocks.

The second book I got was from +Dave Franz Santa, who apparently shops at Joann's Fabric:
It is a wonderful book full of beautiful colors! Some of the pages I want to rip out and frame just so I can look at them all day. As I glanced through the book on Christmas day, I was surprised at how refreshing it is to read tutorials that have been edited by a professional editor and proofreader! It has some basic patterns and I plan to do as many as I can this year in addition to the Farmer's Wife quilt. I'll share those projects when they are each finished.
I'll host a second Linky Party every Saturday for you to share your other sewing projects completed throughout the year.

Now doesn't that all sound like a fun year of sewing!? I certainly am excited!


  1. Eep! I guess I have a google+ account now. And I'll be posting sewing on my blog a lot more than I'm used to. Sounds good!

  2. I am following this blog, stat. I love making things via sewing, crocheting, and paper arts like Origami.

  3. VERY pretty background! Maybe you will inspire even me to sew something this year!