Monday, April 22, 2013

#43, 44, 45

#43 Garden Path
I like this one a lot. I like the bold colors, and I like that it kind of looks like a game board. I could probably make a new version of "Sorry!" or "Aggravation" and play it on this. But it's all fresh and flowery, so it reminds me of gardens as well.
#44 Gentleman's fancy
This is supposed to use the same green and the same purple, but I kind of ran out. So I used two different kinds, but I bet you didn't notice until I pointed it out. I really like using bold colors more than these pastels, but the pansy/violet fabric was just so cute, I had to use it, and this green was delicate and worked nicely with it.
As a side note, the green striped piece was a scrap from one of my Grammy's shirts. She likes to tailor her shirts to be 3/4 sleeves and a bit shorter on the waist, and this is what happens when I end up with the scraps!
#45 Grape basket
I hadn't used any purple in my quilt until this week, and when it's named "grape basket," you kind of have to make it purple. Otherwise it's just "basket," and that's no fun. I kind of like all these basket squares. And since the final quilt is on point (set out as diamonds instead of squares), they'll be really cute in the final project.

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