Sunday, April 21, 2013

#40, 41, 42

So, what's with the radio silence? We have an excuse, both of us. It's because we've been hanging out together. That's right. Lame.
But really for me, this blog is a way to feel close to my family and hang out with my sister while we're far apart. So if I'm crashing at her house, I'm feeling pretty close. Underfoot sometimes, in fact. 
Anyway. Enough excuses for me. Sarah's excuse now (and for the next little while) is that she is on a cruise. She didn't bring me, her sewing machine, or her fabric (that slacker!!), so she'll be even more behind than she already is. But she'll be tan, and that will be nice.
So, for this week's blocks:
#40 Friendship block
This is such a nice, simple block. I like it, and I like the fabrics I stole from my mom to use for it.
#41 Friendship star
I'll probably redo this one at the end. I loved these fabrics together in the End of Day block a few weeks ago, but they really don't work in this one! It really emphasizes that I cut up a large print that doesn't match up at all once it's sewn together.
 I don't really like the Friendship Star pattern, anyway. It always looks a little lop-sided, like I need to squint and raise an eyebrow to even look at it.
Maybe I'll redo it in black and silver and call it "Ninja throwing star!" Then I might like it.
#42 Fruit Basket
In case you didn't notice, this is not a complete square. I know, thanks for clarifying, right!
I've been in the process of moving from China to America for the last month or so. I cut these pieces before I left China, but since I hadn't yet made all the templates necessary, I stopped in the middle of cutting it out. Then I packed my stuff, moved to the other side of the world, and I haven't gotten it back yet. Oops. I did pack the rest of this fabric in the "Go to DC" stuff, not the "Ship to Brazil and open next year" stuff. So that's good.

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