Saturday, March 30, 2013

#37, 38, 39

For these fabric, since I'm at my mom's house, I got to go through some of my mom's fabrics and use a bunch of hers! I also got to take a bunch for future use. Wahoo!
#37 Flower pot
The large Chinese character on the bottom of the flower pot is 花, which means flower. Nice, huh!
#38 Four Winds
Okay, okay. This is not the Four Winds block. The Four Winds block has a total of 56 #13 triangles, and I saw it and decided, "No thank you!" So I made this one. It's a variation of #30, End of Day. So I shall call this End of Days.
#39 Friendship
I really love this one! These are all fabrics I'm taking... pending approval from my mom, of course. I love the tiny calicoes, and I love the blue and gold combination. And I love the Shaun the Sheep background I decided on while I'm here at my mom's house. ;)

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