Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blocks 22 - 24 by Sarah

I'm not even sure what week we're on or what blocks are supposed to be done anymore. I'll figure that out one of these days and post an update about it. For now, here are blocks 22 - 24 by me.
22: Corn & Beans
 I do have green in my selected colors for this quilt, but yellow is not in my selection of colors. I'm not sure I could have handled putting green and gold yellow into a quilt because they're my high school colors. I'm not as school-spirited cool as Chelsea is I guess. When I chose these fabrics for this block, I was thinking the "corn" triangles would look more yellowy green, but looking at it completed, the smaller triangles don't stand out like they should against the larger triangles. I still like how it turned out, although this block was a pain in the rear to iron. There are some thick clumps of fabric where all those tiny corners come together.

23: Country Farm:
Confession: I love the gray with silver damask so much that I went and got the matching green and purple fabrics to go with it. I thought I'd display them together in this block. The combination of the three makes this block quite modern looking and it will probably stand out a bit when I assemble the quilt, but that's ok. I like it. I probably won't put all three of these together in the same block again though. 

24: Country Path:
Explanation of fabrics: The green is a new one, recently added from my trip to Hobby Lobby, as are the two purple floral fabrics. The purple polka dot is from my mother's stash. I liked using the template for the middle of the block. It was a nice change from all the triangles and squares.

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