Friday, March 1, 2013

Last week's blocks

So I had some trouble uploading pictures the last couple weeks. I just polished up my geek skills, though, and got flash to start working again on my computer. So yay! Pictures!
#22 Corn and Beans
I kind of hate autumn colors like orange and brown (together). But the name of the block reminded me of the Native Americans in New Mexico who used to eat primarily corn, beans, and squash. And somehow, these colors worked for that. I like how the block turned out, but I don't think I'll be making the whole quilt lean towards this color scheme.

#23 Country Farm
I decided to use my cherry fabric in this so it would look like cherries growing on a farm. Very deep, I know. I guess green and red usually look like Christmas, but when the red is cherries and the green is flowers, I think it looks more summery than wintery.
#24 Country Path
So I haven't decided if the path is supposed to be the square going around the center or if it's two paths criss-crossing the center of the path. Hmmm.. either way, it's a nice block, but I'm starting to kind of hate the blocks with the teeny tiny, one-inch squares. Bah!

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