Monday, February 18, 2013


There's a little bit of history with these pillows. In our previous residence, a friend from home moved into the basement apartment for a year or two, then moved away and left some of their furniture. One of the items was a Papasan Chair. I've always wanted one of those, so I yoinked it before the new tenants could claim it. In it were some 16 or 18" pillows from IKEA. They were red, green, yellow, and black. The first three were just linen cases that could be removed. 
Ok, moving on...
I am part of a craft group that meets once/month to do a fun craft together. It is usually something that doesn't cost more than $10 per person and has a good use. One of the times we were scheduled to make envelope-style pillow covers for square pillows. The pricey part was going to be the pillow. Perfect! I already had 4 that didn't match my brown, green, blue, and gold living room decor. I finished one of the covers at the craft night, and two more in the following week. 
That was in September...
On Tuesday, my niece accidentally spilled about a tablespoon of milk on the black pillow...the only one left not covered. Knowing what milk does if left in a pillow, I threw it in the wash yesterday. It came out all poofy! I decided to bite the bullet and finish the last pillow cover. They're super simple. It took maybe an hour including interruptions. 
Then I had to wash the rest of the pillows so they'd be poofy, too. 
Here's how they turned out:
Don't you love our new leather couch!? Has anyone else had problems with leather dye coming off onto wet surfaces? Eg: a toddler slobbers on the couch and walks away with a brownish purple face. That can't be healthy.

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  1. I wonder if cleaning the leather once would take off the loose dye. Might wanna google it. ;-=)