Monday, February 4, 2013

Best yet

I love all the blocks this week! They turned out nicely, and I like the patterns. Maybe I'll put them under my pillow when I sleep tonight. But probably not. I still like them, though.
#13 Buckwheat
I really like this one. I love my new green fabrics, and for some reason the name reminded me of walking with Grandma in one of her fields. She picked some timothy and told me she had always liked it the best. I'd never taken notice of the grass enough to have a favorite or even to notice the differences.  
But isn't that how it goes? Wherever we live or whatever our circumstances, we have to focus on the small things that make us happy, and the little beauties in our lives.

This is timothy-- with a bug,
also probably named Timothy.

#14 Buzzard's Roost
This one is actually much darker navy blue than it shows in this picture. I played around with the pieces before sewing it all together, and I like it better turned around-- basically inside-out-- made into a star. But I guess there are enough stars on quilts, it's nice to have an inside-out one for a change.
#15 Butterflies at the crossroads
So is this supposed to be four butterflies meeting at a square in the middle? Or is the square in the middle the butterfly's body and the four parts the wings? Either way, I really like this square. It's cute.

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