Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few days early and a few days late

After taking pictures, it sometimes takes me a while to upload them onto my computer. And by the time I'd gotten around to it this week, next week's blocks have already been done. So I took a quick pic, and ta-dah! two in one!
#16 Calico puzzle
I love this title, calico puzzle. I've always liked doing puzzles, how it gives you time to think, ponder, and notice the tiny details on a picture that you might not otherwise see just glancing at it. And I love the quiet time that sewing and quilting gives me. I also love seeing the pieces come together to make something beautiful in the end.
#17 Cats and mice
I had a hard time motivating myself to do this block. I couldn't visualize anything good about it, but in the end, it was my favorite of the three.

#18 Century of Progress
I kind of wish this one was symmetrical in more than one direction, more of a repeating pattern. I guess it's supposed to look like a windmill or a propeller? This is the block that I tried to match at night and wound up redoing two of the three colors. And it's still iffy.
#19 Checkerboard
I think you could really play checkers on this one. I'm happy with how it turned out.
#20 Churn dash
The orange and green print I purchased online at the same time I ordered some sewing machine needles. I always figure that if I have to pay shipping, I might as well make it worth the trouble. The problem is that the package arrived, and I promptly lost the needles. I may have left them in the packaging when it got thrown out, or I may have put them a million other places. Either way, I now have to go buy more needles, and I may wind up just getting more fabric while I'm at it! I really love the orange and green fabric-- more in real life even than when I saw it online!
#21 Contrary Wife
I think I got all these fabrics at the same time, which was probably back in 2008. I used the red and black to make a little outfit for Penny, which she wore once before outgrowing. I've never used the white design until today. I was going to use red instead of the white, but when I laid it all out it was a little too RED. This felt better to me.

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