Friday, February 15, 2013

Buzzards stalking Butterflies sitting on Buckwheat at the Crossroads

Block #13: Buckwheat: I was running out of creative juice when I was choosing fabric for this set of blocks, so I just tried to stay similar to the colors in the diagrams. I just looked up buckwheat, and I have no clue how this block is supposed to look like it. Nor do I know why she picked red fabrics for it. Good thing my fabric choices for this quilt have lots of reds. 
 Block #14: Butterfly at the Crossroads: I don't have pink, so I picked the lightest purple I have. There was discussion from Chelsea at whether this is 4 butterflies meeting at the middle or whether it is one butterfly. I think it's one butterfly. A purple butterfly.
 Block #15: Buzzard's Roost: I have vivid memories of singing the Crooked Necked Buzzards song in Kindergarten. It's what I think of every time I hear the word Buzzards. "3! crooked necked buzzards sitting on a deeeeaaaad tree..." That and the Bowling for Buzzards on the Lion King. With this one it was hard for my brain to keep track of which gray was the darker gray because one had the lighter swirls on it, and the other had the dark swirls on it, so my brain thought of them both as about the same color.

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  1. Your looking up "buckwheat" gave me the idea to look up other versions of the block on Google Images. I searched for Block 13 Buckwheat. Wow! You can really see which fabrics work and which don't. (Chelsea's even showed up!) Yours looks lovely.