Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blocks 25 - 27

Despite my sewing machine problems this week, I was still able to sew three blocks! Remember how I was going to stop using as much purple...yeah, that didn't happen. ha!

#25: Cups & Saucers - I couldn't not use purple for this one...the diagram was purple! ;) I liked this one. It's cool how the triangles and squares came together to make the different square and then the neat border (does anyone say "neat" anymore? I need to go to bed, I'm reverting to the 90's).
 #26: Cut Glass Dish - I was about ready to cut someone when I saw how many stupid triangles to cut out for this one. I do admit that it turned out nicely though. I keep swearing that next time there are so many triangles I'm just going to do squares and sew down them twice and then cut in the middle to get the same result. I keep not doing it though. Next time!
#27: Darting Birds - Am I the only one who keeps reading the name of this wrong, like I'm a 12 year old boy? (hehe...farting birds...hehehe...). I think this will look better once it has a border on it. 3 of the 4 birds have funky shaped heads, and the edges are definitely not even or square. My mother told me when she first taught me how to match clothes that purple and red don't go together. Here's some of my teenager defiance shining through. I still think they look fine together. (I'm sure there was more to it than purple and red...it was probably that specific shirt and that specific pair of pants.) Sorry about the crappy picture...apparently I needed more light to avoid camera shake.

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