Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blocks 19 - 21 by Sarah

Sorry, I only have the one Catch Up/Ketchup joke.
Good news though! You know that phrase about the lemons and life? Well, when life gives you amazing new, free cameras...
#19: Checkerboard
 I like this one. It was fun to do all different reds so it still looks like a checkerboard, but there are so many different patterns in each square. (Note the red w/ white polka dots and the red with burgundy floral design are new fabrics that I got at hobby lobby the other day while I was there. Yes, I *needed* more fabric.)

#20: Churn Dash
I just decided to google "churn dash" to see what a churn dash actually was (something having to do with a butter churn I'm assuming???) and turns out that it is a popular, traditional quilt square. Turns out that maybe these names aren't made up by the author of this book arbitrarily like I thought they were. Once we're finished with this giant quilt project, I may try making quilts entirely of my favorite blocks from this sampler. I guess that's the point of doing a sampler, right?

#21: Contrary Wife

Based on my discovery above, I'm going to stop questioning the names of these quilt squares and just comment on the aspects that are more...interesting? For example: Interesting fact - All 3 of these fabrics are from my mother's stash of scraps. I didn't think that the green would go with my quilt based on the pictures she sent me, but it works perfectly. Now you know.


  1. I like ALL of your fabrics! Maybe especially the gray one with writing on it.

  2. I like that one, too. It's french writing in illegible script. It also has pictures of the Eiffel Tower on it, but I doubt any of the pieces I use will be large enough to show that.

  3. Hey, that checkerboard square looks remarkably like mine! You copier!! :)