Saturday, March 16, 2013

#31, 32, 33

So I'm posting this as if I wrote about these blocks on March 16. But on March 16, I was completely jet-lagged out of my mind, having just flown from China to America with two small children in tow. We made it, though, and now-- a whole week later-- we're pretty well adjusted. 
#31 Evening Star
Our cousin, Vanessa, gave me these fabrics several years ago, and I think it's the first time I've ever done anything with the ballet shoes and music. I really like how it turned out, especially that you don't really notice how the corners don't line up! But this will be my last beige block for a while.
#32 Farmer's daughter
I'll be doing more white backgrounds, like this one! I had trouble finding a good color mix for this one, and I think I cut out two or three fabrics for what finally wound up being the red pieces. You can't go wrong with red, white, and blue. But this definitely strengthened my resolve to avoid matching colors at night.
#33 Farmer's puzzle
I really don't like this design. I didn't like it in the book, and I don't love it now that it's finished. But I used colors without a lot of contrast, so as not to emphasize the pattern. I think it looks like a swastika. (Apparently I think a lot of things look like swastikas.) It isn't, though, really. It's just a pinwheel shape that's been outlined. But still. I don't love it. Love the fabrics, though!

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  1. hahah! i agree with you that this looks like a swastika, but maybe think of it instead looking like four arrows going in a circle?