Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Back

I've got myyyyyy, babybackbabybackbabybackbabybackbabyback...
It only took them 1 day to fix my sewing machine! (and another day for me to go pick it up, and another day for me to finally unpack it.)
Turns out it doesn't wobble because it's missing a foot, it wobbles because of my sway-back table. I forgot to have them look at the little screw that holds the foot on though. It doesn't stay tight. Next time--it's not a huge problem.
Here are some pictures:
back on the desk, ready to be unwrapped
the before picture with the broken spring and dust everywhere
 spring all fixed
 all cleaned out
I'm a little irked because they actually didn't clean it. It makes me wonder if they oiled it like they said they did, too. It wasn't a huge problem though. I just whipped out our air compressor and blew out the dust. I plan on doing this more regularly anyway. I also purchased a cool oil dropper thing so I can oil it more regularly, too. I suppose since I'm sewing practically every day now, I should probably take better care of my machine! 

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  1. I see the spring now! :-) I found a couple of good websites on how to clean and oil a sewing machine. (Check my recent Pinterest pins.)