Saturday, May 11, 2013

#52, 53, 54

Moving right along, then, shall we? 

#52 Hovering Hawks
Hovering Hawks is exactly like the previous one, Hovering Birds. I think it's kind of lame that they're both in the book, especially since they show up one after the other. Maybe there were lots of the Farmer's Wife essays that talked about hovering birds and hawks. Though I doubt it.
I'll just be sure and place them separately in the final quilt.

#53 Jackknife
Oooh, didn't this one turn out pretty? I basically copied the colors from the book. I'm not sure how this is supposed to look like a jackknife, though. Is it the blue shapes on the corner of the center square? I guess so.
#54 Kitchen Woodbox
Yeah, I copied this one's color scheme from the book, too. I usually think the fabrics in the book are absolutely atrocious, but for these three, the colors were nice, so I used them. Thankfully, I like my fabrics a lot more than the ones the author chose. But actually, once all the blocks are put together on the final quilt, I really like the effect, even with the individual fabrics I don't like. So I'm excited to see how mine will come together with beautiful fabrics and a fun design!

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