Saturday, May 18, 2013

#55, 56, 57

#55 Linoleum
If I had linoleum that looked anything like this, I would rip it out immediately-- if I somehow decided to buy the house in spite of it. This would be atrocious as flooring! But isn't it a lovely block?! I still love the orange and green floral fabric, which is beautiful but nothing I would use as wall paper or anything!
#56 Maple Leaf
A maple leaf made of maple leaf print fabric. Ba-dum chhh! This block is so easy and pretty, I think I may do a maple leaf quilt someday.
#57 Morning
When I think of morning, I don't usually think RED and BRIGHT YELLOW. This one might be more aptly named Sunburst or something like that. I love the bold colors, though.

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