Saturday, July 27, 2013

#85, 86, 87

#85 Square Dance
I like the Chinese fabric in the center, and since it's such a large square of it, I think it looks nice. This is the only square with such dark colors and burgundy. But at this point, the squares are so random that it's hard to say that one doesn't match. None of them really match!
#86 Squash Blossom
Squash blossoms are orange, and I love that this one looks vaguely like it would fit into a Navajo rug. This makes me happy, since squash was an important staple for the early Americans. I tried growing zucchini squash on my balcony this year, and we've had a couple flowers so far. I'm glad it's not the staple of my diet, though, because I'd still be waiting for my first meal.
#87 Star Gardener
Okay, I'd sworn off all the blocks with a gazillion of the #13 triangles. They take forever, and since there are a million tiny pieces, if you're even a tiny bit inaccurate in your cutting or stitching, it will throw off the size of the whole block (ahem, darting birds!). But I've gotten a lot better at cutting and sewing more accurately. I know that I need to lean towards a scant 1/4" seam, and when I did so, this block turned out exactly the right size! I kind of love it, and it was worth all the cutting and sewing.

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  1. Your Chinese block is pretty. I'm trying to picture an all-Chinese square dance group. ;-)
    Star Gardener looks like it should be flashing. :-) Pretty!