Saturday, September 28, 2013

And everything else

Sarah did this the smart way and began with a plan in mind. She had a color scheme, borders and backing all chosen and prepared, and now that it's done, it all matches and looks lovely.
I chose to do mine as more of a random sampler. When I looked online at other people's finished quilts, those were the ones I liked the best. But now that I'm finished, the daunting task of choosing sashing, border, and backing fabrics is upon me. Eeek!
I went to Marshall's, Ross, and looked at several stores online for some sheets to use-- the flat sheet as the backing and the fitted sheet sliced into sashing. But to no avail! All I found were ugly or boring, and those weren't quite what I was going for.
Eventually, after spending (ashamedly) two days looking on, I found exactly what will make me the perfect quilt.
I'll use navy blue for the sashing between every square. I've seen some quilts online with light sashing and some with dark, and I definitely like how the dark color emphasizes the quilt blocks! Plus, I've done a quilt in the past with navy sashing, and it looks great with everything-- kind of like jeans, I guess.
Happy Holidays Texture Navy
Then for the cornerstones and a border, I'll use this beautiful floral:
Aunt Grace in a Pickle
And I fell in love with this gold floral pattern for the back and the larger setting triangles on the front:
Camden Blender Floral Gold
I don't want the backing to be so busy that the whole quilt feels like a hurricane for the eyes. But I don't want it so plain that it's boring. I felt like this was the perfect match.
Thankfully, a couple of the fabrics were on sale, I bought enough to get free shipping, I used an online coupon that saved me $10, and then I bought them through my ebates account, which gave me a couple dollars back. So yeah, I'm pretty much the best online shopper ever! (This time...)
Sometimes I make fun of Kevin when he orders something online and then gives me hourly updates on its whereabouts: "Ooh, it's left the warehouse! Ooh, it's on the truck! Ooh, it's scheduled for delivery!" But I did check a few times over the last couple days, and when I saw it was out for delivery today, I ran downstairs to get it, even before the package list was printed for our building. :) I'm so cool!
So I'm excited to wash these and get started on putting this bad boy together!

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