Friday, June 7, 2013

31, 32, 33 by Sarah

Ugh. I thought I was so clever in scheduling out some posts to seem like I'm all on top of things. Then I go and post the last post and I see that Chelsea has scheduled out posts all the way through June. Over achiever. :-P
 Evening Star: I wanted to try to do a square that had green and red without it looking like Christmas. So I went ahead and picked one to try that out on that is titled "Evening Star." Great choice, I know. I think I pulled it off though by using the frog prince fabric because it has a little of pink in it so it pulled in the red nicely without screaming, "Santa!"
Farmer's Daughter: I like how the fabrics turned out on this one except that I should have picked a better gray because the anchor print doesn't really show up much. I like the bold red bow or star or whatever it is though. 
 Swastika Farmer's Puzzle: I thought I'd possibly be able to make this look less like a swastika if I reversed the light & dark fabrics. Nope. Oh well. I think it'd be interesting to see what this would look like as a whole quilt. I don't think I'd have the patience to do a whole quilt of this though since I could never get the two sides to line up right. Nope, they're still mis-aligned and I don't even care anymore.

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  1. You were successful; your Evening Star block didn't make me think of Christmas! :-) The two prints look very nice together.
    I love the Farmer's Daughter block. It looks like a gift box to me.
    I looked up Farmer's Puzzle on Google images. The swastika is not as noticeable if the two colors are similar in value (light and dark). Another thing you could do is make each quarter a different color so they would look like sailboats. Or you could make the 4 (purple) triangles not the same color as the other two (purple) triangles. (It's hard to explain!)