Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello--28, 29, 30 by Sarah

Well, I was so occupied with catching up on my quilting that I didn't realize I had quite a few blocks to post about already! I took pictures of them all today so I can get caught up on posting about them as well. Don't worry, I'll schedule them out so it's like I'm taking the time every other day to sit and post about them. Whoops, did I write that out loud? Here we go.
 Duck and Ducklings: Not much to say about this one. I like ducks. I used squirrel fabric.
 Economy:  For this one I thought I'd tryout using two off-white fabrics with different prints to see how it turned out. I figured it'd be pretty easy to re-do if I end up not liking it. So far I like it. We'll see what it looks like laid out with the other squares.
End of Day: Yikes, don't look, but the center tips don't line up completely. I love how my camera is so sharp that you can see the weave of the fabric. Don't look but I used some pieces with selvage on them. Whoops. Looks like I was on a gray and green fix these days.

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