Saturday, June 15, 2013

#67, 68, 69

#67 Every-which-way
If you look carefully, you might notice that this is not a Pine Tree block made up of a hundred tiny triangles. As much as I like pine trees, it wasn't worth it! So instead, I made this block, which is a variation on Ozark Maple Leaf. As I was putting the Ozark block together, I rearranged it a bit, and I really like this layout! Sometimes I see the arrows, and sometimes I see a frame around the X in the middle. And though I've never used it before, I really like the combination of these two fabrics!
#68 Postage Stamp
Okay, this is going to sound super lame, but when I was about 10 blocks away from this one, I started thinking and planning what blocks I would use for my Postage Stamp. I felt like I needed some cool, soft colors, and these just spoke to me.
#69 Practical Orchard
When I was putting these fabrics together, I thought they might look nice together because one is black-and-white, while the other one is grey. Black+white=grey, so it works, right? But then it wasn't until after I cut out the pieces that I realized the black and white fabric DOES have grey in it! I've seriously been looking at that fabric for months and didn't notice it until working with it. Maybe it makes me a complete nerd (which I'm okay with), but I love how working with little pieces in a quilt or a puzzle help me notice the details like this!

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