Sunday, June 9, 2013

34, 35, 36 by Sarah

Oh, I found a great place to photograph my squares as I finish them! I put a little stool (don't mind the scratches, stains, paint, etc.) by our window in the afternoon and there's some great sunlight. They're so evenly lit. Nope, I didn't use a flash. I like it anyway. It shows off the colors. Aaaaand here we go:

 Flock: The picture is upside down from the diagram in the book. The flock is flying south in the book, and these are flying north. I don't really ever see/hear flocks of birds heading north or south here like I did growing up. It's a shame. I loved hearing the canadian geese honking as they flew by signaling the change of seasons.
Flower Basket: What!? no handle!? I need to get on my applique stuff. Truth is I've never done applique and I'm a little scared to mess it up horribly. This one and "basket" will be posted again once I get the handles on.  The bottom of the basket kinda hides because of the white background to the polka dots. Can't decide if I like it like that or not. I do like the green though. 
Flower Garden Path: Here's what I was thinking on this one. Brick path - striped fabric; Flowers - purple fabric; Foliage - green fabric. Turned out a little funky looking, especially since the points don't line up. Oh well. I think it'll look fine with the other blocks around it. Funny thing is I was reading a book called The Quilter's Apprentice for book club this month when I was piecing this one and one of the main characters said she could always tell which quilts her sister had made because the triangle points didn't line up and how it was because she just wasn't patient enough to line them up or re-do them until they lined up. Yep, me, too!

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