Saturday, June 1, 2013

#61, 62, 63

#60 Northern Lights
I like the delicate pink floral fabric. I'd been meaning to pair it with a green print, but `I never found one I liked. So even though these pinks aren't exactly the same, I think they work together-- and I even matched them in the daylight!
#61 Old Windmill
Oh wait, is that the same pink print as the first block? Oh, yes it is! Because I am awesome, I accidentally cut a bunch of pink triangles using the fabric from #60 and the template I'd gotten out for #61. So I used it and think it works alright. The dark blue was the first fabric I chose for this block, and I literally had just enough to make these four triangles. I'm glad that tiny scrap got to make a meaningful mark on this quilt.
#62 Ozark Maple Leaf
So, is this because there's a different kind of maple tree in the Ozarks? Or is this the kind of maple leaf quilt block that people make in the Ozarks? I found this page that has a whole quilt of Ozark maple leaves, and it's a beautiful tessellating pattern! I would like to make a whole quilt of it someday. Someday in the distant future. Maybe never. But it's still a cool design!

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