Monday, January 21, 2013

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica

#7 Birds in the Air
This took me two tries to get the colors just right. I'd cut out another print for the "sky," but when I came across this blue polka-dot, it was so perfect, I went ahead and re-cut the whole square. I think it's perfect! It looks just like birds flying south for the winter-- or north for the spring-- as much as any quilt block can.

#8 Bouquet
 This is my favorite block so far. The green prints are from some new fabrics I bought this week. I finally found a shop that sells quilting fabric! Usually what I find is bedding fabric (which has a different weave and shrinks substantially) or shirting fabric (half of which has stretch in it). So they're not ideal, but I finally found a shop that had exactly what I wanted! The shopkeeper told me, "A lot of you foreigners love to buy my fabric." I tried to explain what we make with it, but it was a bit confusing.
#9 Box
 I think this one looks just like a box-- one you open in the mail, and looking in from the top with the flaps opening toward you. We got a box of Christmas presents in the mail this week, which was awesome! (Thank you, Mommy and Daddy!)

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