Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not Too Hasty

Ok, I know today was supposed to be the first linky party. Well, that's not going to happen. Sorry.
Here's what did happen. I was awesome and finished all three quilt squares yesterday with no stress, just working on them when I felt like it for a half-hour at a time or so. It was great. They came together decently, they looked super cute, and they weren't too difficult.
Well, today I was printing some other pdf files (you know, like the templates, but not the templates), and I noticed our printer was set up to print to 96% or something; and to shrink to fit page! Wonderful. I had printed all my templates out at the wrong size.
No granted, it was only an eighth of an inch too small, but that eighth adds up when you're piecing together a quilt, especially when you're being OCD about it like I am. So, tonight, after I put kiddo to bed, I started from scratch.
I got all the templates and fabric for the first three squares cut out again instead of researching and setting everything up for the linky party. We'll do the first one on Saturday instead.
Anyone else want to share a sewing flop story?


  1. Oh! So sad! Can you make something else out of the too-small ones?

  2. I have a really sad story too. It's similar. I was making all my templates, but since my printer won't work, I was just tracing them from my computer screen. I asked my sister how big I should make them, and she told me. Then she emails me a couple days later and says, "Wait a second, they should actually be 4% bigger."
    But all I had done was trace them onto paper. I hadn't even cut them out.
    So it's not as sad.
    HA ha ha!