Thursday, January 17, 2013

Uh Oh!

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I've become a fabric snob and addict. I mentioned in my last post that I had run out of red fabric choices so I could continue through the purples and whites without repeating. Well, I realized shortly thereafter that I don't have any green or gray left either.
Since I am spending so much time and effort on this quilt, I want to use fabrics that I absolutely love instead of settling for just anything. That way there's a better chance that I will use the quilt once it's complete as well as a better chance of completing the giant project that this is.
For example, the white fabrics I got, I saw while searching for fabric to make pj pants for my dad and brother for Christmas. I thought about them for a full week after seeing them in the store, so I knew I had to go back and get some. I hadn't even thought of doing this quilt yet, but they're perfect for it!
I spent hours scouring fabric shops all over the city for greens, reds, and grays that are perfect, and came up empty-handed.
I do some on-call at-home sewing for a friend of my cousin's. She sells adorable puff quilts in her etsy shop, and I help her sew them so she can keep up with her high demand. Ugh, don't compare our blog to either of theirs. Their creative-ness just oozes out their fingernails as they type.
Right, so she did this post a few days ago about where she buys her fabric, and oh man...I'm hooked. Luckily I only spent $28 on fabric on this site to bulk up my greens, grays, and reds for the FWQ. I could spend thousands.
Here's what should be arriving in the mail sometime in the next week!

Pat Bravo - Rock n Romance - Stardust in MidnightSarah Jane - Out To Sea - Anchors Away in Gray
Stardust in Midnight and Anchors Away in Gray
Denyse Schmidt - Chicopee - Shirt Stripe in Red       Robert Kaufman House Designer - Spot On - Small Spots in Cardinal
Shirt Stripe in Red and Small Spots in Cardinal
Tula Pink - Prince Charming - Frog Prince in Olive       Jules Davis - Garden of Delights - Squirrely Stripe in Olive
Frog Prince in Olive and Squirrely Stripe in Olive

I'm debating whether to do this week's squares (7 through 9, btw, I didn't post about it this week...those posts kinda bore me a little bit, so I'm assuming they bore anyone else reading them, too) just using the purple and white for all three, or to repeat some of the greens, grays, and reds I've already used and just force my OCD into the other room while I do it, or to wait and do two weeks' worth of blocks next week. 

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