Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Me too!

Ooh, ooh! Can I blog, too?
I'm really excited to do a FWQ, and doing one at the same time as Sarah is probably the only way to make it even cooler!
Except that I haven't gotten my book yet, so I'm doing what preparations I can.
Here are my fabrics!
I've chosen my fabrics. The larger pieces along the top were my first choices, but after I got looking around on the internet for FWQ images, I realized I liked the more random versions than the matching-color versions. So I picked through my scraps and found some to play into the mix. I think it will turn out very... vivid. And I figure, if I hate one or two blocks, I can always go back and redo them at the end.

My organizational binder. Sarah, I made one for you, too!
I don't have the book yet, so there's only so much preparation I can do. So I bought some 40-page sleeve-protector notebooks, numbered the pages to keep track of them, and then went out to buy one for my sister. Aren't sister's great?! Our goal is to make three blocks a week, so I made three boxes on each sleeve page. I had 3 extra pages, which might be perfect for holding the templates.
So Sarah, I'm mailing one to you. It should arrive before I get my book...

Wait a second, you said we could post other stuff we're making, and not just about our FWQ? Well... that changes things. You'll be hearing from me soon!


  1. Oooh! how exciting! I love the little floral calico prints you got, too. It'll be fun to see all those fun fabrics in your quilt.

  2. Are any of those fabrics from my stash?