Wednesday, January 23, 2013


There was this little family of tomatoes hiking through the forest. There was a daddy tomato, a mommy tomato and 3 little tomatoes. The little tomatoes kept goofing off and lagging behind. The mommy tomato went back to encourage them to hurry along twice, yet they still dawdled. Finally the daddy got fed up and hiked back to the dilly-dallying tomatoes. He stomped all over them and yelled, "Ketchup!"
Here are my ketchup blocks for last week:
Block #7
This block had OH so many little tiny pieces. I actually didn't read the instructions right and had only cut out 12 purple triangles when I needed 24. I really liked how it turned out. I'm always surprised by how much the designs shrink when it comes together. 
 Block #8
I was nervous about putting these colors together, but I think it turned out alright. I used my new squirrely stripe in olive fabric and planned it perfectly so that both squirrels would be showing in the "leaves" of the bouquet, but then I forgot that there would be a seam allowance, and so all 4 of the squirrels are decapitated. Ha! That being said, I think this looks more like an ice cream sundae than a bouquet. Maybe I'm just hungry. 
 Block #9
I used my new shirt stripe fabric for this one and quickly realized that it's going to be interesting using this fabric to piece blocks because I have to make sure to cut out the pieces with the stripes going the correct direction. For this one I decided to put all the stripes going the same way, but I think next time I use it I will try them going different directions. 
Stay tuned this week for posts about this weeks' blocks from Chelsea and me. 

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