Friday, January 4, 2013

Pure Evil

Are you kidding me, Sarah? We can only do three blocks per week? Aaaaghghghg! That's so mean! You realize I finished all three in one evening, including cutting the templates and everything? I mean, it's true I ignored my family, let the girls watch a few too many episodes (hours) of Curious George. And we had tuna sandwiches for dinner. But still! I should be able to do more per week!
Maybe in a couple months I'll be singing a different tune, once I'm behind on blocks.
It's just not nice to force the hare to go at the tortoise pace. Even if he does win in the end.


  1. Hey, I'm forcing myself to go at that rate, too. Granted I did do 6 this week because I messed up the first three... I say if you are going out of town or, say, moving a certain month, you could do a few more per week before hand to prepare for taking a few weeks of. That's my plan at least.

  2. It's true. And I'll be moving in April, so that means I'll have to really get ahead before then. Right? Ha ha ha!
    I'll try to pace myself. Or at least I'll only post 3 a week so it looks like I'm staying on pace. ;) You don't know! You'd have to dig a hole through the middle of the earth to come check on me!