Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 2 blocks

I noticed this week I'm kind of craving something bright, yellow, and happy. I think I'm just trying to off-set the hazy, grey, freezing weather we've been having for the last few weeks and months. And after spending a frigid few days up in Harbin this week, it was good to come home to some bright, fresh, floral fabric!
#4 Basket weave
 I made this one wrong, but I did that on purpose. I think the original version looks too much like a swastika, no matter which way I arranged the colors. So I sewed it together backwards, and I like it much better!
#5 Bat Wing
When we were growing up in New Mexico, we had a street light in front of our house, and in the summer evenings it would attract bugs. Bugs attract bats, and so sometimes we'd see bats swooping and fluttering through the lamplight. We'd go outside sometimes and throw tiny pebbles as high as we could into the air, and the bats would swoop in to chase our rocks, thinking they were super-bugs. Fun in the desert!
#6 Big Dipper
I made this one wrong, too, but not on purpose. When I cut out all the pieces, I had 16 half-square triangles. So of course, I just sewed them all together into squares. And then I realized my mistake. Ugh! Instead of unpicking them all, though, I just unpicked 4 of them. Then I sewed the remaining four squares into the center pinwheel section first, then added the triangles on the corners next. It all turned out well in the end, I guess.
And as for the name, Big Dipper? It works for me. I love the stars, and that's one thing I really miss living in a big city. I love the dark, clear, crisp nights in New Mexico where you could go outside and see the entire galaxy! I love finding Orion, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, the Pleiades (thank you, spell check!), the Milky Way, and the lady whose name I always forget, but her constellation looks like a W. Sacajawea? Andromeda? No, that's not it. Cassiopeia! That's it.

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